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It’s me folks! No need to stand!


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Here I am. It’s me. Who am I?

I am 64 years old.

I am married to Amanda. (Nice huh?) She’s very beautiful and much younger than me.

I have a son who is 32 years old. He is now the age that I was when I had him.

I drive (cars that is). I ride a bike also (not very well. My sense of balance is a bit skew wiff.)

I have been a Christian since the day after my 19th birthday (April 21 1968. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit sometime in June 1968, and I was baptized in water August 3rd 1968.)

I love God.  I love reading the Bible (both Old and New Testament). My greatest joy, pleasure, challenge and mind exercise)

Functionally I identify myself as a preacher and teacher of the Bible. (That is after 1. Christian, 2.Husband. 3. Father. 4. Friend to many (I have a large circle of friends and aquaintences) 5. ….and other things. Number 15 is Preacher and Teacher.

I am part of, and would identify with the Pentecostal part of evangelical Christianity. That is normal New Testament Christianity i.e. that is those that believe in the miracles and the power of God and the glory of Christ and the baptism in the Spirit and speaking in tongues and other things etcetera etcetera etcetera. For me, any other kind of Christianity, though acceptable is a complete and total puzzlement.

I don’t like to eat fish. I like to watch fish though.

I like to eat Chips doused with salt and vinegar. (I am salivating as I write it)

I and Amanda have a dog. His name is Kipenzi (That’s Swahili for, “darling.”  Posh or what?), He is the greatest Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel you have ever seen. Come and see him if you want….but you will have to pay. That’s how great he is.

I like to write. Doesn’t mean I’m good at writing. But it does mean I am passionate about the subject that I write about. Ask me what you want. If I don’t know the answer, trust me, I know a man who does.

As I write I am 14 and a half stone (That is 203 lbs for those in the USA).

I am 5 feet 11 inches now. I used to be 6 feet and half an inch tall.  Old age and all that! I am beginning to shrink (physically).

I love my wife’s cooking. I do a bit of cooking myself these days. I make a great Lasagne. My Potato,Leek and Tomato bake is “to die for.”

I live in the UK.

That’s me.

It’s very nice to meet you. Please don’t go without reading my blog. (From July 1 2013 onwards)

Please leave your comments (nice ones I hope).




  1. amandalannon says:

    Good to see you here.

  2. rev217 says:

    Great to see you in my neck of the woods! You will find the neighborhood is great and the neighbors even better. I can see now that the only problem we might have is your dog with our four cats. They don’t like dogs. Sorry. We will keep them separated. At any rate, welcome to the ‘hood. If I am still here when you move in, then I look forward to your prose.

  3. Many thanks for dropping by and liking some of my blog – love your superb graphics. Nina and I were led to a ‘cutting edge’ Spirit-led church after a few years away from dry ditches. Funny that our lead-elders should be on holiday in your area!

    You may like to know about next month’s event This chap visited the church on our 1st/2nd Sunday and astonished me by using my own, private description of what it’s like when a series of ‘God-incidents’ pop up! He proceeded explain it from scripture.

  4. Keith Lannon says:

    Thank you Richard, enjoyed your blog greatly. Amanda and I will discusss the well church international event. Be blessed and nice to meet you.

  5. […] grounds that my wife read it via Richard Barker’s excellent thought provoking blog…” (Keith Lannan, […]

  6. Anonymous says:

    OOps, somehow my insertion of above link obliterated the comment I was making Keith.

    That was to convey my apologies for not having sought your ok 1st to quoting your kind comments to TE Hanna. Many thanks. It was greatly appreciated and I’m sorry not to have thanked you sooner. I hope you don’t mind the quotation? I’d be content to remove if you so wish.

    It’s been a hectic week and so only in slices of opportunity could I draft and dash it off yesterday – hah, firework fashion!! So Rosemary’s was the only ok I’d got and hadn’t been able to include links.(That’s now rectified on this full blog-day.)

    Trust you are both well and being increasingly blessed in the best Way. Kind regards, Richard

  7. That last comment was mine Keith. Something odd happening with WP again as it must have logged me out. When I hit ‘post comment’ for the deleted attempt it responded with ‘Sorry unable to post comment’. The next I saw was the above ‘trackback’. Trust WP’s not going silly like in July!

  8. Keith:
    Your writings are very well spoken and the love of God’s word is wonderfully evident. Such wisdom, I enjoyed reading your blog. God bless and thank you for following our blog. ~TapestryTreasures Team

  9. mwitasblog says:

    Great to meet a lively man like you, Keith. And I root for your passion for the pentecostal experience. God bless you!

  10. Paul Alverson ( a pastor)" says:

    Where, in Holy Scripture, do you find support for your quote, ” Jesus never called a person to preach with giving him the ability to heal the sick, cast out deacons, etc?

    • Keith Lannon says:

      Paul, Hi,
      Thank you so much for your kind response to my blog. I am assuming you are asking because you have read something on “Christian Blessings” that I have been asked to contribute.

      I have been commissioned to dissect one of my blogs (Management of the Miraculous) and release it every week with 700 words or so. I was particularly asked to offer the contents of that blog, where as I would much preferred to have done the same with my blog on Isaiah (Swimming Up the Niagara).
      The reason I say this is because, as I tend to be a little wordy, I find it difficult to present some of my thoughts in 700 words. There are about half a dozen of my “Christian Blessing” contributions that I feel don’t fully express my thoughts, simply because of the brevity.

      However the full thought and expression that validates my statement that “Jesus Christ Never Commissioned anybody to Preach without also commissioning them to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons and raise the dead,” is fully contained in my bog at:

      The thrust of the statement is sustained by the historical fact that we have several statements of Christ commissioning Preachers. First when He sent the twelve, Secondly when He sent the 70 (or 72), and thirdly when He uttered the Great Commission. On each occasion, the command was to meet people’s needs whether they were physical, mental or spiritual, just as Christ had. Even Matthew 28 is an instruction to teach all that the Master had taught them.And he taught them to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and raise the dead. On one or two of the qualifying scriptures where one of those saving and healing dimensions are omitted, the activities that the disciples testified to later included all. All is explained as fully as I could on my blog “Management of the Miraculous” in the page entitled, “Mindsets that Precipitate the Miraculous number two.”

      Thank you again for your kind response. I wish you God’s richest blessing in your pastorate.
      Keith Lannon

  11. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    I believe we are well met my brother in Christ Jesus.I believe that this is a time when all true believers in Christ as God’s Word must support each other. Regardless of tradition (Mine is through the ancient Church of Antioch via the Syrian Orthodox Church) all those who profess the salvation of Christ, the truth of the Bible and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (and attendant charisms) are the mystical Body of Christ (the Church) on earth.
    Let us bless each other in His name, teach and preach together and bring lost souls to Christ.
    My ministry is to work with prisoners and former convicts as I am a former convict myself. Please pray for my folks, that the road of redemption is for them a road of salvation in Christ Jesus.
    Please also pray for me, a sinner.

  12. Lynne Jacobsen says:

    I am reading and studying through your Isaiah study. I can’t express what a blessing it has been to me in so many ways! I am learning so much. Your enthusiasm for the prophets is contagious. Thank you so much. Lynne in Sequim, Washington

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